Play on Live Dealer today and get up to 0.88% rebate exclusively on Siam Baccarat [EVO], Goa Baccarat [PT], and SW Live!


How it Works

1. Your initial rebate will be credited to your account as cash points and can be instantly converted to cash!
Featured Gaming Rooms: AG Live, SW Live, GDG Live, PT Live, SA Live, GPI Live, MG Live, EVO Live, EZG Live, SSG Live, EBET Live, Black Pearl Club [AB], BG Live, BetGames, PP Live, AE Live

GOLD 0.15%
SILVER 0.138%
BRONZE 0.12%

2. Get an additional rebate bonus of up to 0.38% by achieving the set weekly betting requirements!

RM1,200,000 – RM3,799,999
USD300,000 - USD899,999
GBP230,000 – GBP699,000
EUR260,000 – EUR799,000
RUB17,000,000 – RUB49,999,999
PLN1,000,000 – 3,499,999
USDT300,000  –  USDT899,999
RM340,000 - RM1,199,999
USD80,000 – USD299,999
GBP65,000 – GBP229,000
EUR70,000 – EUR259,000
RUB4,500,000 – RUB16,999,999
PLN300,000 – PLN999,999
USDT80,000 – USDT299,999

3. Get an additional 0.32% on top by playing on the Siam Baccarat [EVO], Goa Baccarat [PT] and SW Live!

Terms and Conditions
1. This promotion is valid for all Dafabet Live Dealer Real Money account players.
2. Players must play any table games in the featured gaming rooms to receive an initial up to 0.18% rebate that will be automatically credited to their account as cashpoints.
*Bets on any AG Live, SW Live, PT Live, SA Live, GPI Live, MG Livce, GDG Live,, EVO Live, EZG Live, SSG Live, EBET Live, Black Pearl Club [AB], BG Live, BetGames, PP Live, AE Live mobile table games are also counted towards achieving the set requirement.
3. One (1) cash point can be earned for every 33 currency bet placed on any table games. Cash points conversion ratio and rebate percentage depend on player’s VIP level. For More Info, Click Here.
*Only 50% of the bets placed on any Blackjack games will contribute in computing the cashpoints.
4. Bets on any Blackjack table games will not be counted towards achieving the set requirements on the additional rebate.
5.Additional 0.38% rebate will be based on player’s combined valid bets from all of the featured gaming rooms while the 0.32% will only be on the Siam Baccarat [EVO], Goa Baccarat [PT] and SW Live.
Max bonus amount for the additional rebate will only be up to RM20,000 = USD5,000/ GBP4,000/ EUR4,500/ RUB350,000/ PLN20,000/ USDT5,000.
6. Player must achieve any of the specified betting ranges to get an additional rebate bonus every week. A considered week will be from Wednesday to Tuesday, and the additional rebate issuance will be every Wednesday of the following week.
7. Players can qualify only once per considered promo week. However, they may still qualify for the upcoming promo weeks given that they achieve any of the set requirements.
8. Additional rebate bonus has no wagering requirement.
9. Only one account per player is allowed. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts will not qualify for the promotion and may have their funds forfeited and accounts frozen.
10. Dafabet Live Dealer has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion in its sole discretion.
11. Dafabet Live Dealer reserves the right to make the final decision.
12. Dafabet's "Terms of Use" apply.

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