Enjoy a new Twister game format with wild and exciting prizes!
Wild Twister is a new game type with the same concept of a regular Twister Poker game. In this game, players automatically play all – in on their first hand. With as low as €0.50 buy – in, players will able to join and win up to €50 Twister token in every game. This game features a different layout and flatter payout structure than a regular Twister Poker game.

€0.50 € 2,500 €1 to €50  
Twister Tokens
€ 9,000
€ 10,000
€ 50,000
€ 85,000
€ 196,000

1. This promotion will run from May 08, 2017 until the cycle reaches €250,000 and will be open to all Dafabet Poker players.
2. Players must play and win in the game to be eligible for the twister tokens.
3. All Wild Twister games require €0.50 buy – in to enter. A maximum of 3 players is needed to start the game.
4.  Dafabet Poker reserves the right to exclude players who participate in the promotion with multiple accounts.
5.  Dafabet Poker reserves the right to disqualify players if collusion or any foul play takes place in the promotion.
6. Dafabet Poker holds the right to stop or change the details of this promotion without prior notice.
7. All decisions made by Dafabet Poker are final.


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