Join the Grand Rewards Club (GRC™) to play a variety of games, all connected to the same jackpot!

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Tournament Jackpot

Compete with your fellow players for the Tournament Jackpot!
For every bet and every win, you collect a certain amount of Tournament points. The more you bet and win, the more points you accumulate. Clinch the No.1 ranking to win the ultimate prize!

Piggy Rewards

Get extra cash with the golden piggy!

Collect coins as you bet and redeem them for real money! Coin collection will also fill up the VIP bar. When the VIP bar is fill, you reach a higher VIP level with a better coin redemption rate.
The more you bet, the faster you level up!

The coin redemption rates are as follows:

VIP Level Earned Coins Real Money Conversion
1 - -
2 - -
3 1,500 USD1
4 1,400 USD1
5 1,300 USD1
6 1,250 USD1
7 1,150 USD1
8 1,100 USD1
9 1,050 USD1
10 and above 1,000 USD1
Weekend Challenge

Complete the challenge and win a cash bonus!
Challenges will be open periodically. During the challenge you will see badge icons added to the reels. Collect enough badge icons before the challenge ends to enter the bonus game!
The Challenge Bonus game has 4 levels. Pick a icon-question.png question at each level to reveal a prize or the icon-up.png sign. Revealing icon-up.png moves you up to the next level. The higher the level, the bigger the cash prize. After winning the bonus prize you will start accumulating badge again, which means you have unlimited opportunities to win the challenge bonus!

Terms and Conditions


  1. There will be a different tournament based on your betting range every 5 minutes.
  2. Player must place a bet to officially join the Tournament Jackpot.
  3. Player ranking is based on Tournament Point accumulation. Tournament Jackpot prize is based on the accumulated bets and wins. The more players bet and win, the more points will accumulate.
  4. There are 4 Tournament rooms categorized by bet amount, if the player enters a GRC game with a default bet, he is automatically assigned to one of the rooms based on his default bet. If the bet is changed during the Tournament, the player will be reassigned to a corresponding room and his points balance will reset.
  5. All Tournament points in all rooms are saved until the end of the Tournament. Players can return to any room by changing their bet and continuing to play with the Tournament Points they had after leaving that room as long as the Tournament is not yet finished.
  6. All information on the current Tournament is displayed on the Tournament bar as follows.
  7. Tournament Jackpot prize will be issued as Cash and will be automatically credited to players’ Common Wallet balance.

Piggy Rewards:

  1. Players will earn coins for every bet placed and game wins (Tournament Jackpot Prize is not included).
  2. As the player fill up the bar, he will move to the next VIP level in which has a higher coin conversion. VIP levels are not limited as long as the player keeps on betting and winning.
  3. Player will receive extra coins every time he upgrades to the next level.
  4. Player can only convert his earned Coins to Real Money cash if they reached at least VIP 3.
  5. By clicking the Piggy icon, the player can check his coin balance or redeem coins for cash.
  6. Once redeemed, it will add to your Common Wallet balance.

Weekend Challenge:

  1. The Weekend Challenge will only occur during the weekends (GMT+8).
  2. Player must collect the required number of badges that will appear on the reels while spinning.
  3. Player must accomplish the challenge during the given time.
  4. Players who complete the Challenge will play the 4-level interactive Bonus Game with guaranteed cash prizes.
  5. Qualified players will win a share on the prize pool. Players can check the Prize Pool balance by clicking the challenge tab.
  6. Prizes in the bonus game will depend on the contributions by the player.
  7. Winnings from the Weekly Challenges will be automatically credited to your Common Wallet balance.